Mandated Timeframe for Breach Reporting and/or Consumer Notification

Without unreasonable delay
Laws related specifically to personal information
  • Breach Reporting & Consumer Notification
  • Protect Personal Information
  • Program for Protection/Security
  • Third Party: Specific Obligations
  • Third Party: Mandated Contracts
  • Employee Training
  • Data Disposal/Destruction
  • Risk Assessment
  • Requests for Information
Fines & Penalties

Violations of breach and notification laws:
- constitutes unfair trade practice

Regulation Levels
  • Breach Reporting
  • Consumer Notifications
  • Third Party Management
  • Data Protection
Level Description
  • None to minimal
  • Basic Requirements
  • Comprehensive Requirements
  • Extensive Requirements
Quick Facts
  • Failure to comply with consumer notification requirements shall constitute an unfair trade practice and shall be enforced by the Attorney General.
  • Mississippi establishes that breach of security applies mainly to personal information in computerized form.
  • Mississippi has additional laws relating to the protection of personal data to prevent a breach.
  • If a vendor is breached, they must report it to the data owner.  The data owner will be responsible to complete the reporting and consumer notification.
  • If your breach affects residents in other states, you will need to notify those residents using that state’s rules.
Statutes and Laws
  • Miss. Code Ann. § 75-24-29 Persons conducting business in Mississippi required to provide notice of a breach of security involving personal information to all affected individuals

    Miss. Code Ann. § 75-24-231 Credit card processing hardware and software required to meet requirements of federal law 

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