CSR’s suite of business services appeals to our resellers within the information destruction, medical waste, alarm, security and software industries… providing synergy with their core services. Drawing experience from both past and present partnerships, CSR’s business development team works with our channel partners to seamlessly integrate cogent solutions into your product offering. We’ve continually helped elevate businesses within these verticals to become Data Privacy Solution Providers.

Would a partnership with CSR be right for your company? See more below for CSR’s approach into our current active industries.

Shredding Services


Companies that specialize in information destruction have never been more in demand. Active business files typically grow about 25% each year according to PRISM. At the same time, 30% of paperwork is useless, and nearly 40% of photocopies are unnecessary. The data-filled paperwork piles up, and companies need a safe way to dispose of it.

Any failure to properly destroy sensitive documents puts businesses at risk for theft, misplaced paperwork and data leaks. These situations risk potentially serious consequences, including reputation loss, legal action and/or fines.

In these competitive times, information destruction specialists are offering a wider array of services. These include mobile shredding, hard drive destruction, document scanning, secure cloud storage and certified recycling options. Set your business apart! Team up with CSR and offer data privacy services from the industry’s top professionals!

Device Shredding Too

It’s not just data in paper form needing to be destroyed in our digital age. Today, we also have ‘E-waste’ to be handled. It’s also imperative to destroy digital data on hard drives, cell phones and other electronic media. It’s not enough to just wipe drives – shredding them is the best way to make the data unrecoverable. With this need set a part of the shredding industry, CSR’s products seamlessly integrate with our Channel Partner’s core offerings.


Regulated Medical Waste (RMW Providers)

Safeguarding private information is vital, especially in the healthcare industry. However, recently an alarming number of data breaches have put patients’ privacy and identities at risk. An estimated 9.2 percent of all reported breaches in 2016 took place in the medical sector. That year, 106 major healthcare data hacks occurred, exposing 13.5 million records. Research compiled by Ponemon Institute/IBM has indicated that every individual record costs an average of $402. That adds up to staggering $2.8 billion spent due to these breaches.

For the RMWM industry, privacy is an important issue. Though HIPAA explicitly regulates most types of healthcare data, medical waste regulations are vague. The overlap in the disposal of biological waste and protection of data is a frequently discussed topic.

Fueled by exponentially increasing amounts of medical waste, as well as growing investments in medical waste disposal, the RMWM industry is booming. How can companies set themselves apart from competitors?

One way is to offer a broad range of services providing success factors to businesses in the medical waste disposal industry, according to global business intelligence firm IBISWorld.


Security Providers Today

Driven by an increase in all construction phases, the security and alarm industry are on the rise… and experts predict it will continue to grow. Stores, offices, manufacturers and other businesses continually install security and alarm systems to cut down on theft, warn employees of fire hazards and reduce respective insurance costs.

While security companies focus on safeguarding their clients’ property in a physical sense, today’s tech-focused world requires more. It’s no longer a question of “IF” a business will experience a data breach – it’s a question of “WHEN.” Three-quarters of all business organizations have suffered a data/cybersecurity breach in the last 12 months.

One key way for security professionals to set themselves apart is to provide value-added offerings for the protection of personal information (PI) and other sensitive data. Teaming up with CSR is THE IDEAL WAY to grow a security business.



As companies seek out ways to control their costs, increase efficiency and maintain a focus on their core business, they’re now turning to managed IT services providers. The industry is seeing steady growth, and experts expect that trend will continue.

While customer relationship management (CRM), email hosting and storage backup/recovery are among the most commonly outsourced tasks, many providers are diversifying their offerings. Driven by cybersecurity concerns, many providers are bulking up security services to meet demand.

Approximately 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, whose in-house IT departments cannot totally prevent or address them. As a provider of managed IT services, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enhance relationships with your current clientele by providing exclusive security solutions.


Payroll Services Providers Today

Today, payroll service companies provide invaluable assistance to both small and large businesses, including paycheck generation, tax filings and reporting. Over the past five years, the industry has boomed thanks to an increasing customer base, new tech opportunities and a growing workforce.

However, providers still face challenges. Industry growth is expected to continue over the next five years, though at a slower pace. Additionally, because so many large payroll service providers dominate the industry, smaller companies face stiff competition. One way for payroll services providers to be more successful, is to increase the number of services they offer.

As a payroll security provider, you’re accustomed to handling personal information (PI) and other confidential data – and you know the importance of preventing breaches. As concern about cybersecurity increases, you will be able to offer your clients peace of mind by providing exclusive security solutions.


RIM Partners (Records Information Management)

Today more than ever, records information management (RIM) services are vital to ensuring the success of a business. At any given time, 3 to 5% of files in an organization are lost or misplaced according to PRISM. Companies without records management, waste a great deal of time searching for information. They also spend money on unnecessary storage costs and often house records for way too long.

As more companies go digital, RIM services continue to become increasingly important. To avoid legal issues and ensure accountability, businesses need to prioritize the proper management, storage, organization and retrieval of records. The increased importance of RIM has produced a highly competitive marketplace. Companies are specializing in niche markets and adding more service offerings.

Without RIM, companies face various risks, including exposure of confidential information, public relations fiascos and costly fines for failing to comply with regulations.