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November 2015 CSR in SDM - Becoming a Cyber Pro SDM CSR's Breach Reporting Service has already provided many providers with additional advanced products with opportunities for increased monthly revenue.
09.24.15 CSRPS Becomes National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015 Champions CSRPS has become a 2015 Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
03.27.15 RIM 2.0: Sales Expansion into Critical Information Security Solutions inFocus Loss of personal data leads to identity theft, the number one consumer complaint to the FTC. Legislatures have responded to heightened concern by requiring that business meet standards for information protection or face noncompliance penalties. For the RIM space, this creates a golden opportunity to provide the next generation of value-added services, or RIM 2.0, information governance, data at rest to data in motion.
03.26.15 NAID 2015 Conference: Session Examines Data Breaches Storage and Destruction Business Magazine CSR's CEO Dr. Ross Federgreen told the NAID 2015 audience to build customer relationships as information governance professionals in "The State of Data Breach Reporting" keynote address.
01.15.15 Mission Critical: Examination of New Data Protection Laws NAID Notes As providers of information governance solutions, including destruction, NAID members are in a unique position to provide their customers with new offerings that create recurring monthly revenue streams as part of a package of security services to help their customers meet ongoing, mandated legal requirements. Risk assessment, remediation, and incident response planning are just a few turnkey services that can be incorporated to meet the needs for comprehensive plans to safeguard data.